Witsy is an approximately 3 year old cat that does not
know he is a cat. He is more dog like in his need to be
ever around and in your face. He is not the kind of cat to
be aloof or blend into the background. His new family
will love his affectionate nature. He was relinquished by
his family as he could not handle stress in his house and
the anxiety lead him to having accidents in the house. He
is on a special diet for urinary issues and will likely stay
on it for life, but he has used the litter box well at the
hospital. He likes to hang out at lunch time and take an
afternoon siesta with the staff. He would do well with
other cats. He is not afraid of dogs (which can be both
good and bad). He would not do well as an outdoor cat
as he has no fear. He would probably adopt the nearest
family if he got out. He is that friendly!!!  Please provide
this overly outgoing guy a wounderful new home. He
deserves it.
Yes, cats can beg for food. 
If begging does not work,
stealing IS an option.
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