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Petey is possibly the shyest boy ever--a perfect gentleman.  He is approximately a year old and would get along with other dogs, cats and children as well.   Considering a dynamic duo?  Misty and Sweetie bring him out of his shell.
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Glued to your side!  That describes Misty!  She is a 3 year old girl who is very lovable. She would like an adult family that likes to do things with her. She gets along well with Petey and compliments his shy personality.
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Sweetie is approximately 9 months old and may have had pups recently.  She is very friendly and her tail never  stops wagging. She is too cat pesty, and not likely to do well with a feline companion.  She likes both men and women and could do well with older children as she is over zealous in her happiness and affection. She would truly love someone with all of her heart
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Witsy is an approximately 3 year old cat that does not know he is a cat. He is more dog like in his need to be ever around and in your face. He is not the kind of cat to be aloof or blend into the background. His new family will love his affectionate nature.
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5135 N. Dysart Rd., Suite 4 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
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