Unfortunately, obesity is the number one health concern
both pets and people. There are many health concerns
that arise when pets are over weight.  A few health
conditions can occur, such as:
∑ Diabetes
Joint Pain
∑ Heart Disease
∑ High Incidence of Cancer
∑ Trouble Breathing
∑ Increased Risk of Heat Stroke
∑ Pancreatitis
∑ Orthopedic Concerns
∑ Compromised Immune System
∑ Reduction in Life Span
∑ Skin Conditions
∑ High Blood Pressure
Underlying Health Conditions:

Sometimes if weight loss is not occurring with proper diet
and exercise, an underlying health condition may be
the reason.  Certain diseases can be the reason that your
pet is over weight such as:
∑ Low Thyroid Disease
∑ Cushingís Disease

Diet Foods:

Here at the clinic, we have multiple
weight loss prescription diet foods and
treats that can help with the weight loss
process such as:
∑ Science Diet W/D
∑ Science Diet R/D
∑ Iamís Veterinary Formula
Weight Loss/Mobility Restricted
Calorie and Treats
∑ Iamís Veterinary Formula
Glucose/Weight Control
Weight Loss Plans:

We have software than allows us to custom build a diet for your pet depending on current weight, ideal weight, breed, and age.  We can include the special weight loss treats into their diet so they can get a special snack that is also good for them.

To schedule an appointment to discuss weight loss for your pet, call us at (623) 935-9632.
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