Surgical Monitoring:
Handheld Monitoring:
Here is our Mindray PM-9000.  We use this monitoring device during all surgical procedures. 

This machine monitors the following:
Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG): The top green line and numbers display the hearts electrical activity, and monitors heart rate and trends.  Due to the type of leads that we attach to the patient, we can also collect a respiratory rate too. 

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2):  The second line and all the blue numbers will monitor the patients SpO2. SpO2 measures the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin and pulse rate.  Low SpO2 can tell us that there is a problem with oxygen delivery in the blood stream.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2):  The lines and numbers in white measures respiratory rate and Carbon Dioxide levels.  It is important to monitor carbon dioxide levels to detect   Increased CO2 level will tell us that the patient is acidotic (increased lactic acid production), which is a precursor to low oxygen saturation.

Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is monitored is displayed in a box in the right column.  It is important to monitor blood pressure during surgery so we can detect low/high blood pressure and treat accordingly. 

Temperature: The bottom right box displays temperature.  2 probes, rectal and esophageal, monitor and display temperature and the temperature difference between the two.
Thanks to this elephant, whom is for sale with all proceeds going to rescue animals, we are able to show you our other 2 handheld monitors.  They are both easy to use in both emergency and routine settings. 

The Device on the left of the elephant monitors SpO2 and CO2.

The device on the right of the elephant monitors Blood Pressure. 
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