Dr. Nancy Buczek DVM
Dr. Nancy Buczek graduated from University of
Illinois in 1998, and moved to Arizona in 2000.
She is very active in the rescue community and is
involved in the prison program with the Racing
Home Greyhound Rescue, where retired Racing
Greyhounds are trained by selected inmates.
Over time, her home has become known as a
senior citizen center for elderly greyhounds who
are unadoptable due to their age and/or medical
conditions. She is very interested in progressive
medicine, and having done relief services for
many years, has many friends in the veterinary
community. Her husband is a chemist at Civic
Center Pharmacy, and they often consult about
new drugs or supplements that he makes for
human specialists in various fields, and how they
may benefit our patients.
She likes to spend her free time hiking with her
dogs, making wedding cakes, gardening exotic
fruit trees, weight training with her husband at the
gym, and helping out with the Racinghome
Greyhound Rescue.
She lives with her one and only momma's boy Bam Bam, a very cute jack russell mix, and his pesty, feathered sister Pio Pio, a house sparrow that was rescued and nursed to health as a baby by Janet when her nest fell from a tree.
Angel Reyes CVT
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Janet Retana, Veterinary Assistant
Ever since she was a little girl, Janet has always had the need to rescue and care for all animals. She always knew she wanted to work with animals so right after high school she enrolled in a veterinary technician program. She has now graduated from Anthem College with an associates in Veterinary Technology. She began to work right away at The Complete Pet Animal Hospital and could not be any happier.
Angel was born and raised in Phoenix, and has lived in AZ her whole life.  She has always loved all kinds of animals ever since she was a little girl, and even likes bugs.  She has been working in animal hospitals since 2007 and graduated from Kaplan College in 2008. In 2010 she passed the board exams and became a certified veterinary technician.  Angel joined The Complete Pet team in Feb 2015.  In her spare time, she does TNR, (trap, neuter, & return), to help other volunteers manage a feral cat colony.

5135 N. Dysart Rd., Suite 4 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
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