Cold Laser Therapy:

What is it:
We offer Laser Therapy for our patients.  Laser Therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to encourage cell regeneration and increases blood circulation to promote healing.  We use a exact same Cold Therapy Laser, seen below.  There are 2 wands that we use to treat different conditions.  One wand will treat surface conditions such as skin problems and swelling from surgical incisions.  The other wand we use to treat deeper conditions such as arthritis and disc disease.  Laser Therapy usually needs to be administered multiple times.  Depending on the condition, the administration times and series may vary.  If you’d like to know more about laser therapy, please call us here at the clinic at (623) 935-9632.

What it can Help Treat:
There are a number of things that laser therapy can help your pet with, including but not limited to:

oHip Dysplasia
oDegenerative Joint Disease
oTendon and Soft Tissue Injuries
oWound Healing
oIntervertebral Disc Disease
oBone Fractures
oSkin Lesions or Abrasions

o Nerve Injury
o Inflammatory Conditions
o Acute or Chronic Ear Problems
o Anal Gland Inflammation
o Gingivitis
o Hot Spots
o Lick Granulomas
o Bladder Inflammation
o Nasal Problems
o Swelling Due to Surgery
For more information about Laser Therapy, please visit this webpage
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