Here is our Idexx LaserCyte Analyzer.  This machine checks your petís CBC (Complete Blood Count) using laser technology.  First, we draw your petís blood into a special tube that prevents the blood from clotting.  Then the tube is rocked for 5 minutes using our test tube rocker to thoroughly mix the blood with the anti-coagulant in the tube.  As the tube is being rocked, we input your petís information onto the monitor in the upper-left picture.  The tube is then placed into the analyzer in the upper-right picture.  A laser beam is shot through the tube to focus on each individual cell, and quantifies the scatter of light from that cell onto four separate detectors.  The detector measures size, complexity, granularity and light absorption to determine the type of cell and the quantity.  The results are displayed on the screen on the left.  This whole process takes less than 30 minutes, which beats sending it out to a lab where we wouldnít get results back until later that day or the next day.
Idexx LaserCyte: Complete Blood Count
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