VetScan VSPro:

This is our VetScan VSPro, a PT/aPTT Analyzer.  This tests your petís blood for coagulation issues.  A small sample of blood is taken into a special tube which contains sodium citrate and mixed thoroughly.  This additive prevents the blood from clotting.  The test cartridge (seen below) is taken from the fridge and placed into the analyzer, which warms it to room temperature.  After the petís information is inputted in the machine and the cartridge is room temperature, 2 drops of blood from the special tube in placed into an opening on the cartridge.  The cartridges contain calcium, which when mixed with sodium, will allow the blood to clot.  The amount of time it takes the blood to clot it recorded and displayed on the screen.  This whole process takes less than 10 minutes.  We do this test on most surgeries beforehand to ensure that the pet does not have any clotting conditions or issues.  We also use this test when we are trying to diagnose or rule-out coagulation conditions.
VetScan VSPro: Coagulation:
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